About Me

My name is Nina Trujillo (pronounced: nine-a true-he-yo). I have been a Stampin’ UP! demonstrator for the last 8 years and I truly love to stamp. I have a passion for helping new stampers feel confident about their cards. Everyone was a beginner at one point. They made messes, left fingerprints and ruined cards. It’s just paper!

You may be wondering why I have a drawing of 2 greyhounds on the header of my page. You may be wondering why I call myself “Nina Runs With Scissors”. I am currently the proud servant to two spoiled greyhounds, Birdie and Auddie. They are my calming force. They ground me. Their state of “chill” is what I aspire to everyday. But when they run it is a sight to behold, pure grace!

As I said before, I love to create with paper, stamps and ink. It brings out my inner child, a time when I can still hear my elementary art teacher say “Nina, no running with scissors!”. Now that I’m an adult, I run…to my craft room to play with my ink and stamps. I hope that playing with your stamps brings out that same inner child in you.

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